Project Breaking Down Barriers: The 10-minute Chocolate Hills experience

From Duero, we took the bus to Loay and again to Carmen to get to Chocolate Hills.  The entire trip took about three to four hours from Duero, such that it was already almost dark when we got to where we were supposed to alight.  We were lucky enough that there was a lone tricycle available to bring us to the viewing deck.  Had it not been there, we would have missed seeing the beautiful Chocolate Hills altogether and the seemingly endless bus ride from Loay would have been for naught.

We got a beautiful view of the sunset from where we were.  And, it was especially a treat for me because I love colors and how the sun’s orange contrasts against the blue sky.

Sunset at Chocolate Hills

Tara went on top of the viewing deck before I did so that she could catch a few good pictures of Chocolate Hills.  But, her camera died after taking a couple of shots.  So, when I finally got there, I passed my camera on to her.  I also requested that I get some turista shots so that I could show my parents that I have, indeed, been in Chocolate Hills, perhaps the only place among those we visited that they are familiar with.


Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

It would have been great if we got the chance to stay there for a few more and enjoy the view.  But, after a good ten minutes, Tara insisted that we go back down, fearing that we might miss the last bus to Tagbilaran.


And, the call made was a good one. I was only about done paying for my tricycle fare when someone from the other side of the highway called out “Tagbilaran!” Tara and I then hopped onto the bus and enjoyed the hazy blue and green against black that we got to witness.


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