hello there!

I’m Monica, a Pinay traveler, writer, and the storyteller behind The Boho Travels.

During a two-year sabbatical for what could be called a quarter-life crisis, I went on a quest to go back to my roots and did a backpacking trip to visit indigenous communities in the Philippines. This made me fall in love with traveling.

Since then, with my Philippines passport, I have been to 15 countries in Asia and Europe – and I’d love to explore more and immerse myself in diverse cultures!

To manage my anxiety, I do extensive research and plan my travels meticulously.

My mission? I want to inspire you to travel and create beautiful memories through my well-researched travel guides, tips, and stories – so that when life gets tough, you’ll have a reminder that life is short, but you’ve lived it fully! Read more about my journey (and how you’re a part of it!) by clicking here.

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