Dreams do come true:  Making our way from Amsterdam to Rome
Taken by Val Fierick Samson, De Pijp, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2017

Dreams do come true: Making our way from Amsterdam to Rome

June 3rd was the start of our non-work stay in Europe.  Having gone out the night before with friends from Tripaneer, we woke up just a tiny bit earlier than usual.  However, too lazy to move, we took our time with coffee, cigs, and thinking about how we should arrange our things.

See, for the entire trip, I brought two luggage – one kinda huge (my Samsonite bag that I’ve had for ages) and Justine’s gray one.  Because Vueling have crazy restrictions, I had to be strategic with the clothes and things I bring.

So much thinking and strategizing, though.  It was not until an hour or two before we should have vacated the apartment that I actually started packing my bags.  It was kinda funny that Pat and I were rushing and sorta bumping into each other, especially in the living room, where a lot of our conversations happened.

Then it was time to go down.  Pat and I talked about how we should tackle the conundrum of carrying the 3 heavy luggage plus a couple more small ones, through those crazy narrow and steep steps of our apartment.  We were smart.  We took one heavy bag downstairs and I waited and watched our bags, while Pat went up and down to fetch the rest.  Poor Pat.  His  legs ached for a few days after that.

We then dragged our heavy luggages along the bricked-paved streets combo of Amsterdam.  People seeing us must’ve had a better idea on how to make our lives easier, but they kept it to themselves.  It was funny for me because, while I was having this love-hate relationship with my luggages, I was also enjoying every bit of it. Trying to remember every piece of memory I have of those sidewalks, our neighborhood for the past couple of weeks, and the many many laughter we had walking through them.

We finally arrived at the office to meet Dhika and leave our bags there.  Joyce, who was also there, had this great big idea that we leave our luggages at the office and just bring what we need for our vacation.  It was smart ‘cos we didn’t have to carry our luggages up the uber-narrow steps of Rina’s apartment.  Just thinking about how to do it already makes me feel tired.

After some dilly-dallying, we finally said our good-bye to Joyce and promised to contact her when we get back to Amsterdam.  Hey, we also don’t have any choice, cos are bags are in the office  anyway.

We then set off to Rina’s apartment for lunch and to leave our bags.  We wanted to do a bit of shopping before we head off to Rome.  I bought Palladiums, which was tiny bit cheaper than if I bought it in Manila, a couple of shorts from H&M, and a trolley for 22.50 EUR.  I spent a little over 100 EUR for that lot, but I honestly consider it as an investment.  I rarely shop back home and, when I do, it’s always for necessities.

Dhika, Pat, and I went back to the apartment, saw Rina and Jesus who picked up Vladimir at the airport.  They invited us for some Indonesian dinner but we were too tired from all the walking, so we declined.  I also needed to finish tons of work so I could forget responsibilities while I’m on vacation.  So while and after dinner, I continued with my tasks with Rio accompanying me via Viber and the rest of the household sleeping.

I finished just in time for doing a bit of preparing before our departure.  I had a very quick and reflective shower, packed my bags, and started waking up the Roma gang.  Exhausted from zero sleep, I was excited to board the plane and catch some nap for 2 hours.

We arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight.  We were one of the first few in line and, given the conversations we had under such low energy, I was sure the trip was going to be awesome.

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  1. southkid

    So many memories!😍 I was smiling while reading your post, remembering our first trip together. Next time will tag Val and Che along…I hope. 💖

    1. thebohotravels

      I’m super happy to have experienced this with you (and Dhika & Rina) <3 Yes, let's travel with Val and Che! And, Jaren. 😀 See you soon <3

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