Journeying North Luzon: Stay at Microtel Baguio

Baguio holds a special place in my heart. Learning that this was one of the places we’d visit ultimately made me join this tour. Its cool breeze, the memories of one-day trips I would have with my family when I was younger, the eventual refuge it would provide every time things get loud, and it generally being a space of love and discovery โ€“ all these make me want to come back for more. Like a drug that I have grown addicted to and cannot get out of my system. Much like the person that caused that. But there is more on that in this post, only if you’re interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

Where to stay in Baguio: Microtel Baguio

Baguio has been and will always be my go-to place when I need to escape the noise of Manila. Finding accommodation, while usually easy, can also be a challenge if you have specific requirements that you want to fulfill. Mine would be clean T&B, secured rooms, comfortable beds, accessibility, excellent customer service, and value for your buck. And you can have these all at Microtel Baguio. I enjoyed my first stay here a couple of years ago, so I didn’t think twice about staying here again during my last visit.

Have a good night’s sleep at Microtel Baguio’s no-frills rooms

Their chiropractor-approved beds, perfect after a long trip, gave me a great night’s sleep.

And, waking up to this view โ€“ who wouldn’t like it?

They also had clean T&B with good running water + bidet (a requirement for me!).

Enjoy their accessibility to Victory Liner Baguio

Their accessibility may be unparalleled, especially for those taking the Victory Liner bus from and to Manila. Microtel Baguio has direct access to the bus station, making it super convenient and accessible, regardless of arrival and departure time. You can also hail taxis in front of Microtel Baguio, and cab drivers know where it is, useful for those direction-impaired, like me.

Friendly staff and topnotch customer service

Moreover, their staff are always ready to serve you with a smile, which makes the stay more pleasant. Here are some thank you notes from previous guests posted on Microtel’s wall โ€“ which shows, too, how they value customer satisfaction <3

Book your next stay at Microtel Baguio

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, staying at Microtel Baguio will make your visit to this beautiful city a lovely one. I, for one, will not hesitate to book a room here again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Address: #5 Marcoville, Upper Session Road, Baguio City 2600 Philippines
How to get there: Take the Victory Liner bus to Baguio. Microtel Baguio is connected to Victory Liner Baguioโ€™s bus station.

Check in time: 2:00 PM
Check out time: 12:00 PM

Mobile number: +63.74.619.3342
Email address:
Facebook page:

Where to eat in Baguio: Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Baguio has so many options to satisfy any of your food cravings. I’ve eaten at so many restaurants from the countless times I’ve visited the place. But one of my favorites is Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant.

The first time I ate here was when my friends and I stayed at Microtel Baguio for two nights a couple of years ago. We were pleased with our breakfast, so we also decided to eat dinner there and have drinks later that evening. There was even an acoustic band playing, which made me and my friends order more wine. LOL! On this particular trip, we had the chance to taste their famous selections, and it was definitely a treat!

The photos above don’t give justice to how good the food was. But, if you need more prodding, here are the write-ups of friend and fellow bloggerย Budget Biyaheraย Mai.

Places to visit in Baguio

There are so many things to see in Baguio, and much is written about them, too. So, I won’t be talking much about the places we visited but just share pictures of our experience. As it usually is, this particular Baguio stop was more about deepening relationships while visiting points of interest.

Baguio Botanical Garden

Camp John Hay

Cemetery of Negativism

Philippine Military Academy

Easter Weaving

Tam-awan Village

Final thoughts

The trip’s highlights were those moments we shared laughter. It is unclear to me now what those were about, to be honest, or what triggered each. But it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that those sealed the bond of the group. Like we would laugh at the most mundane and silliest things that, if I shared them here now, you guys would probably say, what’s so funny about that? But, hey, to each his own. For me, moments like these that create friendships that last. Wherever life may take us, however many plane rides we’ll take, bus strips we have, or subsequent memories we create together, we will have these past few days to look back to as the time we became friends.

Photo taken by Billy Palatino, August 2017, Choco-Late de Batirol, Baguio City, Philippines

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