Signage of Peredo's Lodging House, backdropped by a tree

7 reasons why I love staying at Peredo’s Lodging House in Baguio

Having visited Baguio countless times, I’ve already had the chance to experience booking at different accommodations. But I really love staying at Peredo’s Lodging House, and I hoped to share the experience with my loved ones.

So, when we decided to visit Baguio for a weekend, I invited my cousin and brother to stay at this quaint vacation spot. And I was thrilled that they loved the experience as much as I did.

Why I love staying at Peredo’s Lodging House

I learned about Peredo’s Lodging House in 2010 from my friend, Shailoe, whose family owns the place. Since then, I have almost always stayed at this cozy vacation spot whenever I wanted to recharge and experience the cool Baguio breeze once more.

Here are the reasons why I love staying at Peredo’s Lodging House and why you should consider booking your stay there, too:

1. Peredo’s Lodging House is an Important Cultural Treasure.

Peredo’s Lodging House was formally declared as one of the “Mahalagang Yamang Pangkalinangan” (Important Cultural Treasure) by the National Museum in a resolution signed in 2015.

If you love history and culture, then staying at Peredo’s Lodging House will be a treat.

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    2. It’s homey and cozy.

    I’ve been visiting Baguio since I was a kid and have stayed with my family and friends at many different accommodations. But one of the things that I love about Peredo’s Lodging House is that you will feel right at home the moment you step in.

    I’m not sure what it is, but I remember feeling nostalgic when I first visited this place. It was like I’d been here before, even if it was my first time.

    That nostalgic feeling pulled me in. It was so strong that, since my first visit in 2010, I’ve stayed with them a few more times. Now, I consider it my home away from home (even if I do pray that one day, I’ll be able to have my own home in Baguio)!

    Living room of Peredo's Lodging House - a heritage home in Baguio

    3. They have a room with a veranda.

    Peredo’s Lodging House has six (6) rooms in the main house. You can rent the whole house, which can accommodate up to 19 pax for Php 15,000. However, you can also rent their rooms separately (Peredo’s Lodging House room rates start at Php 1,900).

    On my first visit, I was assigned to a room on the second floor. On my next visit, I stayed in one of the rooms on the first floor.

    But my favorite room—which I’d always rent whenever it’s available—is the one on the second floor with access to the veranda. It can sleep up to 4 people, and the room rate is Php 3,300.

    I’ve spent hours here reading a book, drinking a bottle or two with my family and friends, and having deep conversations about our lives and dreams. This is probably why I always find my stay at Peredo’s Lodging House cathartic—to me, it’s a place to untangle my thoughts and create something new.

    4. You can cook in their kitchen.

    Whether you’re renting the whole house or just renting one of their rooms, you can use their kitchen for free to prepare your meals. It’s clean and well-kept, too!

    5. You can have your meals in their dining room.

    They have this gorgeous dining table cut out from a Narra tree. This was where we had our breakfast during our last visit.

    A dining table made cut out of a Narra tree.

    6. They are accommodating hosts.

    Ate Polly, their caretaker, is very accommodating. She will open the door for you with a smile, even if you return after her usual sleeping hours. We feared we might have abused our welcome when we rang the doorbell past midnight (not very proud of it, but it happened)!

    7. You can easily access rides or drive to Baguio’s famous tourist spots.

    Its location is perfect. It’s far enough from the louder part of the city. But you can easily book Grab, hail a taxi, or drive to the famous Baguio tourist spots.

    Here are some Baguio tourist spots you can visit when you stay at Peredo’s Lodging House:

    • Baguio Botanical Garden – 2 minutes away
    • Hillstation – 4 minutes away
    • Ili-Likha Artists’ Wateringhole – 5 minutes away
    • Tam-awan Village – 6 minutes away
    • Baguio Night Market – 6 minutes away
    • Burnham Park – 6 minutes away
    • Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe – 7 minutes away
    • Camp John Hay – 8 minutes away
    • Mines View Park – 8 minutes away
    • Cafe by the Ruins – 8 minutes away
    • BenCab Museum – 18 minutes away

    How to get to Peredo’s Lodging House

    🚌 If you’re commuting from Manila: You can take the bus to Baguio. From there, you can either book a Grab or hail a taxi to Peredo’s Lodging House.

    🚗 If you’re driving from Manila: You can navigate your way using this link to Google Maps.

    Peredo’s Lodging House

    Room rates start at Php 1,900 (you can also book the house for Php 15,000).
    Address: No. 5 CM Recto Street, St. Joseph Village, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
    Check-in time: 2:00 PM (If you arrive earlier than the check-in time, you can, like I always do, request the caretaker to leave your bags with them while you tour the city.)
    Contact number: +639264055115
    Check-out time: 12:00 NN (If your scheduled departure is later than the check-out time, you can, like I always do, again request the caretaker to leave your bags with them.)
    Facebook page:

    Thank you for reading up to this point! I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help!

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