A Lovely Morning in a Rocky Beach in Marabut, Samar

We woke up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise in Marabut, Samar. It’s been a while since I last visited a beach, and this experience made it all the more incredible for me.

Stopping by Marabut, Samar, was a beautiful unplanned detour, so I was super unprepared for a beach trip that I wore my black shirt and leggings.

We wore our flip-flops almost the entire time we were in the water because this beach in Marabut was so rocky that it ached my soles. Notwithstanding, it was stunning.

Photo taken by Fernz Lopez, Marabut, Samar, Dec 2012

Tara and Fernz jumped off a cliff several times. They were also inviting me to do it, but I did not prepare my mind for this, so I gave a powerful “no.” I would do it next time, though, because they seemed to be having so much fun!

After a good swim, we had buko for breakfast. Borrowing Tara’s term, Fernz machete-ed the buko for us!

We then prepared to leave for Basey, where we plan to purchase their banigs. We waited quite a while by the highway for the bus. But, because I was with really wonderful people, it seemed like it was only a couple of minutes after we went out when the bus arrived.

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