’s 2014 Highlights: Looking back and moving forward

Before 2013 ended, I created my 2014 to be full of love, art, and travel.  And, how powerful creations really can be!  During this year, I got to visit Singapore, Indonesia, Cebu, La Union, Cavite, Rizal, Benguet, and Palawan, experienced art in different media, and experienced life in the company of my loves – friends and family.  2014 was indeed a blast and I would love to share the good vibes with you. :)

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Life’s a Beach! – Weekend Getaway at Flotsam & Jetsam Artists Hostel in La Union

“Let’s go to the beach!” was how the conversation at Fred’s happened in December 2013.  And, since all four on the table (Angge, Ros, Justine, and me) already had travel plans for the first two months of 2014, we all agreed to hold a weekend getaway to La Union on the first weekend of March.  From the original four, the invitation extended to the rest of our travelling group.  And, in the end, eight (8) of us pushed through with the trip:  Angge, Raisa, Cecil, Peach, Ros, Chummy, Justine, and me.

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The year that was

The year 2012 has been truly awesome for me.  Yes, it was full of dramas.  And, it was also the year that I got to travel to two (2) countries and eleven (11) provinces.  It was the year that I got to visit five (5) IP tribes and the year that I got to figure out what I really want.

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